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The Hennessy Porsche North Atlanta Team

We pride ourselves on providing a totally enjoyable research, purchase and ownership process that is every bit as satisfying as the Porsche driving experience itself. Thank you for considering Hennessy Porsche for your automotive needs. Our Porsche Factory Trained & Certified team is at your service and will do all in our power to ensure you "Experience Excellence" at each and every touch text ー2018ー 2018 Dealer Of The Year Porsche Georgia Premier Porsche Dealer Dealerrater

Mark P. Venti

Mark P. Venti | Porsche Certified General Manager

Quite uncommon in this day and age, I am a native to Georgia. Raised by a Military Father and School Teacher Mother I am guided by uncompromising principles. My high quality upbringing paired with over 17 years of Luxury Automotive Experience makes exceeding your expectations of integrity, competence, and sincerity come naturally. The entire staff and I are passionately committed to providing a unique and enjoyable experience. Thank you for considering Hennessy Porsche to serve your automotive needs.

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2004

Phone: 678.781.0515 • Email:

Michael  Caldwell

Michael Caldwell | Porsche Certified New Car Sales Manager

Pride and dedication are two words that are commonly used when describing Porsche. I have shared the same sense of pride and dedication for over a decade in assisting every client that takes time out of their busy schedules to visit us. We have been family owned and operated since 1964. 

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2005

Phone: 678.781.0566 • Email:

Drew Borges

Drew Borges | Porsche Certified Pre-Owned Sales Manager

I started out in my automotive career washing the family car in my driveway. Since then I have always been fascinated by the complex engineering and craftsmanship it takes to produce each one. The Porsche brand has always been at the cutting edge of performance, engineering and style within the automotive industry. I cannot imagine a better or more exciting brand to sell.

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2005

Phone: 678.781.0520 • Email:

Jamey Holt

Jamey Holt | Porsche Certified Finance Manager

With much excitement I joined the Hennessy Porsche team in June of 2013. I started my automotive career in college with a degree in automotive marketing. I have been fortunate to spend most of my career with German luxury automobiles assisting clients find the right car to meet their needs and wants. The Porsche brand offers the most exciting cars and sport utilities on the road, the Hennessy family is known for great client satisfaction, I look forward to delivering both a great car and a great experience to all of our clients!

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2013

Phone: 678.781.0514 • Email:

Sara Ali

Sara Ali | Porsche Certified Finance Manager

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2017

Phone: 678.781.0522 • Email:

Jeff Corey

Jeff Corey | Porsche Certified Service Manager

What can I say, I've done it all from pumping gas, driving a wrecker up and down Peachtree Road, to being Service Manager here at Hennessy Porsche. My strong work ethic and customer service skills are the reason I have succeeded in this wonderful career. Since 1985 I have been involved with the Porsche family of automobiles and look forward to staying involved many years to come. The service department looks forward to a long relationship with our customers, or as I like to call them "family members.'  Thank you for choosing Hennessy Porsche for your service needs.

Driving Porsche Passion Since 1985

Phone: 678.781.0536 • Email:

Kenn Young

Kenn Young | Porsche Certified Parts Manager

With over 40 years working with German Automobiles I still look forward  to each day with “passion to perform."  I have been with Hennessy Porsche since day one and I can honestly say the Hennessy organization is the best that I have had the privilege to work with.

Driving Porsche Passion SInce 1981

Phone: 678.781.0540 • Email:

Alex Gilmore

Alex Gilmore | Receptionist

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2017


Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel | Porsche Certified Gold Meister Shop Foreman

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2003


Greg Jordan

Greg Jordan | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador/e-Hybrid Specialist

I’ve enjoyed a career in premium automotive sales for nearly two decades in Atlanta. With a focus on unparalleled levels of client satisfaction, it is my privilege to have assisted well-over two thousand clients in owning the premium automobile of their dreams. To this end, I’ve earned the title of Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador and I strive to make each client experience at Hennessy Porsche worthy of the Porsche namesake. 


I am honored to hold the title of national grand champion in Porsche’s 2017 Sales Presentation competition. Having been awarded this honor, I am uniquely equipped to custom-tailor my consultation to your specific automotive needs.

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2010

Phone: 678.781.0525 • Email:

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton | Porsche Certified Internet Sales Manager

I love selling Porsche and I can't imagine selling cars anywhere else than here at Hennessy Porsche! It has been a great pleasure getting to know the brand and my clients since I started with Porsche in 2007. I pride myself on providing an exceptional experience for my clients and I look forward to sharing that experience with you!

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2007

Phone: 678.781.0509 • Email:

Gene McClure

Gene McClure | Porsche Certified Internet Sales Manager

Raised in the mountains of North Georgia, tradition and heritage run deep, especially with racing and automobiles. These principles are what sparked my interest in Porsche, and have made me a lifelong enthusiast. I remember the first day I laid eyes on a 911, the way the lines came together with sophistication and purpose, the way it looked like it was in motion standing still, I knew it was something special.  Before I could even reach pedals, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my professional life to being a part of Porsche. My career with Porsche began with Gold Meister Certification and five years as a service technician. Moving to sales was a natural progression, as I now get to share my technical knowledge, brand history, and personal passion as I guide and educate clients, helping them to find their perfect Porsche.  My work is a big part of my hobbies, where you can find me at Porsche and other Atlanta motorsports events. I also enjoy fine dining, travel, and shooting competitive firearms. My partners in all of this, and the ones that make it all worthwhile, are my wife Kimberly, and our rescue Maltipoo, Elee.

Driving Porsche Passion since 2010

Phone: 678.781.0567 • Email:

Mike McPherson

Mike McPherson | Porsche Classic Manager & Porsche Club Liaison

I have loved Porsche since I was a child riding in the back of my dad’s 928. My passion for the Porsche brand is only rivaled by my passion for serving my clients. I am an active member of the Peachstate Porsche Club, and the liaison to the club for Hennessy Porsche. Let me show you how my enthusiasm for these cars and this brand will translate into a purchase experience unlike any you have ever had.

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2010

Phone: 678.781.0510 • Email:

Heather Erickson

Heather Erickson | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador


Driving Porsche Passion Since 2017

Phone: 678.781.0519 • Email:

Abraham Caracheo

Abraham Caracheo | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

My passion for Porsche began as a child and culminated during my studies in Germany. Driving the world’s best sports cars on the Autobahn and the Nordschleife hooked me for life. My love for cars is only rivaled by my desire to establish long-term relationships with my clients. I am a technical and detail-oriented Porschephile that sincerely believes that the big picture is the key to success in this industry. I speak fluent German and Spanish and am available for my clients 24/7 via email and text. 

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2014

Phone: 678.781.0523 • Email:

Chris Morea

Chris Morea | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Driving is my passion whether it's on the course, at the office or on the road. All of my relationships are family to me. Whether it starts on the links or in the supermarket parking lot, if we meet and become friendly, we're family. For 15 years I have been assisting my family members with Por-Sche (two syllables) products that fit their lifestyle and day to days. Like a golf pro, I ensure that my family members are fitted to the right equipment before they leave my office. The apple of my eye is my 15 year old daughter. When I am not at Hennessy Por-Sche, I am with my daughter or on the golf course blasting bombs and sinking putts. Stop by, visit me and become a part of my family at Hennessy Por-Sche North Atlanta.

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2001

Phone: 678.781.0518 • Email:

Bruce Pinder

Bruce Pinder | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

I have seen Porsche introduce many milestone vehicles, from the 944 to the technical marvel of the 959. I’ve witnessed the launch of the Boxster and the first water-cooled 911 in 1998 as well as our four door Cayenne and Panamera. One high point for me was winning a trip to see Porsche compete at the Indy 500 in 1988. Having dinner with Al Holbert and Norbert Singer from Porsche Motorsport was an experience that I will never forget! All of these experiences have left me with an appreciation for the amazing vehicles Porsche creates. Looking back, I can say that the very best part of my 30+ years with Porsche was not the cars but the wonderful clients I have had the privilege to serve. Many have become my closest friends – my “Porsche Family!”

Driving Porsche Passion Since 1982

Phone: 678.781.0517 • Email:

David Gentile

David Gentile | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

All of my life,  I have been fascinated with performance, octane, the sound of power and smell of burning fuel.  I can still remember taking apart my very first engine in its entirety at the age of 11. I can also remember the feeling when I put it back together and it still worked!  I was hooked. By the time I turned 20, I was a licensed A+P Mechanic,  which is an aviation (airplane, helicopter) mechanic for engines, turbines, hydraulics, electrical,  and pretty much every component of the plane. I worked for Delta airlines before getting into the automotive industry.  I have been in the automotive business since 2004, when I moved to Atlanta. Since then, I have helped thousands of clients purchase their dream cars including over 1,000 Porsche clients here at Hennessy Porsche. If you want a very informative, relaxed approach to car buying, please send me a note- from one car person to another, I would love to help. 

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2010

Phone: 678.781.0516 • Email:

Richard Jennings

Richard Jennings | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

As a Porsche Brand Ambassador, I’m grateful to have had the privilege of assisting thousands of satisfied clients achieve their automotive dreams since 1995. As your consultant, my goal is to place your best interest at the forefront while creating a memorable and lasting Porsche Ownership Experience. It’s not every day you’re about to fulfill a childhood dream It should be exciting. Reward yourself, you’ve earned it!

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2006

Phone: 678.781.0531 • Email:

John Dissen

John Dissen | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

I am an Atlanta native who has worked in the high line automotive industry since 1998 and pride myself on being my client’s trusted resource. Having personally bought over 40 cars, boats, and motorcycles, I consider myself not only an enthusiast but also someone who is familiar with the excitement as well as the apprehension associated with the buying process. My goal is to provide my clients exceptional service in the form of attention to detail, integrity and product knowledge. 

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2006

Phone: 678.781.0524 • Email:

Scott  Chmiel

Scott Chmiel | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2010


Shaun Freemon

Shaun Freemon | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

I've had a unique passion for cars since early childhood, especially for the Porsche brand. Growing up in northern Atlanta around a 1984 Carrera and several Boxster models, my interest in Porsche intensified. Now that I'm connected with the brand I love and the Hennessy automotive family, I'm eager to create an unforgettable Porsche buying experience for all my clients. 

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2015

Phone: 678.781.0527 • Email:

Beth Payne

Beth Payne | Porsche Certified Customer Experience Manager

I started in the automotive industry 2 years ago. I was lucky enough to begin with Porsche, and have enjoyed every moment. My goal is to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. Please contact me with any questions and I will be happy to assist. 

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2015

Phone: 678.781.0511 • Email:

Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2013

Phone: 678.781.0534 • Email:

Joel Hughes

Joel Hughes | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

I have been in and around the Automotive industry, in some form or fashion, just as long as I can remember.  Riding along with my father to the different dealer locations in the northeast where my uncles owned a handful of dealerships as a boy.  As soon as I was able and had the opportunity to work on my own to find a niche in the auto industry I took the shot.  After about 16 years on my own at various different brands in the auto industry, landing here at Hennessy Porsche North Atlanta aligns perfectly with what I am looking for right now.  The automobiles, the enthusiastic atmosphere and the owner loyalty to the brand and the heritage excites me. 

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2014

Phone: 678.781.0532 • Email:

Dan Bush

Dan Bush | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

I started in the automotive industry 8 years ago with Volkswagen. I jumped at the opportunity to join Porsche in 2015, and never looked back. The Porsche values align perfectly with mine. I strive to provide excellent service each and every time you visit.

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2015

Phone: 678.781.0533 • Email:

Kyle McCall

Kyle McCall | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

Driving Porsche Passion Since 2017

Phone: 678.781.0543 • Email: