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Leasing your next Porsche makes dollars and sense!

Besides being one of the easiest ways to obtain the new Porsche of your dreams, leasing also offers very practical benefits, too.

At this time of year, many people are thinking of taxes. If you use your Porsche for business, a lease can provide significant tax advantages. Because the benefits will vary depending on your specific situation, it is best for you to consult your own tax professional for specific details.

Another financial benefit of leasing your new Porsche comes in case you have an accident or a theft of your Porsche and the car is determined to be a total loss. In that situation, Porsche Financial Services will waive the balance between the insurance settlement and the balance owed on the lease, subject to compliance with all terms of the lease.

Speaking of insurance, a higher deductible can significantly reduce premiums for auto insurance. When you sign a Porsche Preferred Lease, you can carry standard insurance deductibles of $1,500. Of course, the savings and details will depend on your situation, so it’s best to check with your insurance representative on the implications.

You can save even more with a Single Payment Lease. This allows you to make a single lump sum payment for the full lease amount, which is typically less than what the normal lease payments would total. This gives you the flexibility of keeping the cash you could have used in an outright purchase while retaining your end of term options.

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Date Posted: May 22, 2018